Canadian Bio-Technology Guide

Investing in Bio-Tech Companies

Bio-tech companies are set to outpace many Silicon Valley style start-ups, in just a few short years for ROI (Return On Investment). When you look at how successful bio-tech companies are quickly becoming as further advancements in science and technology are made, it's easy to see why investors are jumping the shark and throwing everything they've got, then borrowing the max the banks will lend them before maxing out their credit cards to invest every cent they have into these hot commodities. Not only are investors interested in making money with these companies, that change lives with what they can do for people, but it's very common for them to take a personal interest in the field they wish to invest in. So is investing in a Biotech company right for you? Biotech companies stock market cap growth stock trading trends 2014-2019, also known as the stock market capitalization of a company, is a market value metric used to measure the total value of a company's outstanding shares. it is calculated by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the share price. Investing in the right biotech companies can be very lucrative.

Borrowing To Invest

Investing in anything always has risks, however when you're using money from loans or credit cards, the investment has an even greater risk. While most people might invest a sum of money they have sitting there and risk losing the money, when the money has to be paid back to a bank or creditor you're essentially losing money you don't just have sitting about in an account. So paying back ghost money with inflated interest if the investment doesn't work out, is something most people will want to avoid doing. While biotech can have huge rewards, the losses can be just as devastating, so if you do plan on borrowing to invest, make sure you can afford to pay back the money, just in case it doesn't pan out well.

Big Reward On Low Interest

Credit cards have an advantage when it comes to investing in a company that's about to hit the big time. As you can max out the card, you're essentially sinking a big chunk into the investment, with a low minimum monthly repayment. Investing this big amount will see your risk pay off with an even bigger reward. A lot of people invest too little or too much and get annoyed if the venture doesn't work out like they'd planned. Making a monthly repayment on a card you can afford, can be just the right amount of coin to get some skin in the game without risking your savings in the process.

Chance For Buyout

In the billion dollar field of biotech, more often than not the bigger guy eventually agrees to buy-out the little guy. So while you might be paying off the card for a while, if the company gets bought out, you'll still make a significant payday.


By the time you've paid off the card you will know if the investment seems to be going places. If it panned out well, you should consider re-maxing out the card and going for a bigger chunk of the pie. The bigger your investment, the bigger your piece of pie, should the company do well or be sold for a huge sum of money.

Didn't Pan Out

After a year if the company you invested in isn't seeing you get a return, worth more than the interest owed on the card, it's probably a good time to stop investing in that company. Maybe they don't want to sell or aren't in a hurry to make millions and for an investor, that's something you never want to hear. So whatever field of the biotech spectrum interests you, be it medicine, technology or something in between, getting started with investing via a credit card, providing you can afford the repayments, isn't a bad plan at all. And one which could soon see you net hundreds of thousands of dollars!



Canadian Bio-Technology Guide

We're swiftly moving into a world full of science and technology. What was once yesterdays Science-Fiction has already become today's reality. No field is this more apparent than that of Bio-Technology. Where Biology meets Technology, DNA meets CPU, Blood meets Steel. No matter how little you may know about the ever growing world of bio-tech, I promise by the end of this article you'll be well versed in all that bio-tech has the potential to offer.

What Is Bio-Tech?

Well simply put, bio-tech equates to using living cells with technology to make advancements in fields such as medicine, technology and engineering. A great example of bio-tech that most will be somewhat familiar with can be found dating way back to 1922, when Insulin was first tried on a young boy with diabetes. Insulin saved his life and now thousands of people around the globe are saved from diabetes deaths each year thanks to the bio-tech discovery. Biotech has an ability to drastically improve lives, not just medically. Thanks to rigorous research and data gathering by teams of passionate people, trying to find new alternatives and potentially discover things on a cellular level that were previously unimagined.

Another great example of how big the biotech branch is, comes in relation to our food. The use of Biotech has already made its way into our agricultural practices and thus final products are easier to grow, bigger, naturally healthier to consume and generally more efficient to manage. In turn this means less resources used and wasted in growth, thus happier farmers and even happier consumers.

Major Biotech companies have already done a tremendous amount of amazing things, such as

As you can clearly see, bio-tech has the potential to do amazing things. We're just at the very beginning of the mostly untapped potential.

To give you an idea how much the companies involved in bio-tech are worth, here are some of the top companies, their values and a brief sum up of why they are worth so much

Biotech is one field definitely on the upward swing. As it continues to grow we will see a rise in jobs, markets and even products that will trickle down into our everyday lives. It would be pretty safe to say at this point, considering these are billion dollar companies, investing in just one bio-technology stock will see tremendous returns in years to come.

As trends in bio-tech keep medical advancements forthcoming, it won't be long and operations, such as operating table cut-you-open type operations, will become a thing of rarity. Instead we'll see technology being used on a cellular level, to prevent and disable diseases before they even have a chance to become a problem. What a wonderful age we live in.



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